Who We Are

We design and implement educational programs for children, as well as high aesthetics cultural activities for adults.


At the Department of Culture & Education , we design and conduct wide themed programs for children and adults, based on “Mythology – Environment – Culture”.

For our younger guests, we create programs based on their age bracket and according to their level of knowledge. Our educational programs are approved by the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. Our purpose is to create positive stimuli for children, aiming at creative thinking and acquiring new knowledge through experiential and interdisciplinary activities. Our programs for children utilize modern theories of learning and enhance informal education.

For our adult visitors we design cultural activities, in order to discover unknown aspects of history and civilization, aiming also at a deeper connection with the Greek Cultural Heritage.

The conduction of all our programs is carried out by experienced and scientifically qualified staff. The programs take place in selected areas that perfectly combine Greek Nature, Culture and Ancient Greek Mythology.

Our Programs

We draw inspiration from the Greek Cultural Heritage.

Our programs are based on:


Greek Nature: A Journey into the myth

The educational program is addressed to Pre-school (Nursery school) children and Primary Education students. It takes place at the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden. The goal of the program is the experiential contact of children with the world of nature, through selected myths of ancient Greek mythology. Key elements of the program are the natural environment of the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden, the mythological tradition and the environmental awareness of the students.

The journey of Water in ancient times. The journey of Water today

The educational program is addressed to Pre-school (Nursery school) children and Primary Education students. The program takes place at the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden. The direct contact with the ponds of the Botanic Garden and the breathtaking aquatic environment, in combination with ancient Greek myths, associated with Water and the environmental awareness of the participating students, are the main pillars of the educational program. Students will travel in the world of Myth and Nature, achieving a variety of educational, cognitive and recreational goals.

Greek Nature. The journey from myth to healing

The cultural program aims to provide an alternative, creative utilization of leisure time of adults, for both Greek and Foreign visitors in Athens. It takes place at the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden. Participants, through an experiential walking tour, will be acquainted with the ancient Greek mythical tradition that is directly related to the world of nature.The activity aspires to be an educational experience, while highlighting the importance of the role of traditional herbal medicines for the prevention of diseases and healing of patients.

Greek Medicine: The journey from myth to science

The cultural program aims to bring the participants into contact with the Medicine that was developed in Greece from antiquity to the Byzantine Era. In the first section of the program, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the multitude of medical and surgical instruments, healing practices and mystic therapies. Prescriptions and medicine, healing methods and sanctuaries (Asklipieia) dedicated to the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepiusdoctors and medical achievements compose the journey to the world of ancient Greek Medicine. The second section presents the evolution of Greek Medicine during the Byzantine Era. Alongside the Byzantine doctors, the health system in Byzantium is mentioned, and the role of the Convent and their Healing Facilities for patients, which gradually evolved into organized hospitals.

All the historical knowledge provided is being visualized by photographic material, while short theatrical plays with historical cores transfer Medicine from the world of myth into the field of science. The program takes place at the Museum of History of the University of Athens, in Plaka.

“Civilization is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbor.”
Arnold J. Toynbee (1889-1975)
“Erasing a piece from the past is like erasing a corresponding piece from the future.”
Giorgos Seferis, 1900-1971
“῎Ολβιος, ὅστις τῆς ἱστορίας ἔσχε μάθησιν”
(Engained the man, who has been taught history.)
Euripides, 480-406 BC