The Company

Our company, Oceanis Filyra, was founded in 2013 with the main object of offering services in the field of Medical Tourism. We cooperate with large hospitals in Greece and organizations active in the sectors of Tourism and Culture.

We develop customized programs related to Health, Wellness and Aesthetic Treatments, combined with the participation of visitors to mental well-being programs, cultural, and educational activities. We coordinate all bodies involved, so that each and every visitor, upon their arrival in Greece, can find exactly what they need, both in health and leisure.

In order to design and be able to provide our services, we take into consideration:

  • The actual needs of our visitors,
  • Their wish for activities in their available time
  • Their financial budget.

The Culture & Education Department

Our company has recently expanded its activities in the field of Culture and Education, conducting broad themed programs for various groups of visitors. Especially for our young visitors we have developed a series of educational programs based on the triptych ‘Mythology-Environment-Culture’.

All our activities aim at cultivating cultural, educational and aesthetic education, environmental awareness, as well as recreation and gaining positive experience. Our visitors participate in experiential activities, combined with visits to exceptional Greek Museums and important archaeological and environmental sites.

Τhrough a journey in the ancient Greek Culture and the ancient Greek Mythology, we encourage the participants to become familiar with the Cultural Heritage of our country, with the ultimate goal to understand the ancient Greek spirit.

                    Our Inspiration…

The Nymph Oceanis Filyra and Cronos. The god has turned himself into a horse.
Modern vase painting, based on the oil canvas of  Mazzola Francesco(Parmigianino)

The name of our Company, Oceanis Filyra, derives from the ancient Greek myth of Nymph Philyra and Titan Kronos.

In the ancient Greek mythology, Philyra was one of the Oceanid Nymphs, mostly known as Oceanis Philyra.  She was the goddess of recuperation, fragrance and aromas, as well as of writing and beauty. The father of Oceanids was Titan Oceanus and their mother was Titanid Tethys. Hesiod, in Theogony, says that all together, the Oceanids were three thousands and they had three thousands brothers, the Potamoi (Rivers). Zeus delegated to them the duty of bringing up children and nurture the youth. Therefore, in Theogony (346-366), Hesiod presented them as the pre-eminent “Kourai and Kourotrophoi”. These joyous divine girls existed all over, in seas and lands.

Philyra charmed Cronus, who turned himself into a horse, in order to escape the attention of his legitimate wife, Rhea. According to the myth, Rhea caught Cronus in the act, courting with Philyra. For this reason, Philyra took refuge on Mount Pelion in Thessaly, where she gave birth to Centaur Chiron, her lovechild with Cronus. Chiron was half man and half horse. To alleviate the shame Philyra felt, Cronus turned her into the tree bearing her name (fylira /linden). Hence, there is no reference about Philyra giving birth to other child, after the birth of Chiron, except that she became educated by him.

The choice to name our Company Oceanis Filyra draws a direct inspiration from this ancient Greek myth and is symbolically associated with it. On a second, deeper level, the nature of our activities in the fields of Medical Tourism, Mental Wellness, Culture and Education creates a link to the knowledge taught to mortals by Philyra’s son, Centaur Chiron, Mythical Father of Medical Art.

Our Team

Dionysia Ellina


Nikoleta Xydea

Culture & Education Manager

Archaeologist – Museologist MA

Penny Kalompratsou

Culture & Education Dept.

Historian – Paleographer MA

Dimitris Petakos

Culture & Education Dept.

History of Science Phd

Stathis Delikos

Culture & Education Dept.


Thodoris Koutsogiannopoulos

Marketing Communications Manager