Project Description

Greek Nature. The journey from myth to healing

Research and Design of the Educational Program: Panoraia Kalompratsou, Historian – Paleographer MA

Implementation of the Educational Program: Panoraia Kalompratsou, Historian-Paleographer MA & Nikoleta Xydea, Archaeologist-Museologist MA

Venue: J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden

Who can participate: Adults, Greek and Foreign visitors, offering them an educational and cultural experience.

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants: 25-30 persons

Brief Description: The cultural program aims to provide an alternative, creative utilization of leisure time of both Greek and foreign adult visitors in Athens.

The philosophy of the cultural program is based on the fact that the participants, through an experiential walking tour, will be acquainted with the ancient Greek mythical tradition that is directly related to the world of nature. At the same time, the program aspires to become an educational experience by highlighting the importance of the role of traditional herbal medicines in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Desirable project objective:

  • The experiential contact of the participants with the Greek mythical tradition.
  • The program offers an educational experience that gathers all the wisdom of ancient Greek folk herbal therapy and highlights the important role of traditional herbal medicines in the prevention and cure of diseases.
  • The deeper contact of the participants with the country that gave birth to the Fathers of Botany and Pharmacognosy.


A. Introduction: Welcoming the participants and taking some time to get familiar with the area of ​​the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden and be informed of its rules of operation.

B. Walking tour of J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden: Participants, through a mild walk along the route, accompanied by our scientific staff, will learn about plant myths related to the Greek mythical tradition. At the same time, they will be acquainted with the herbal plants and herbs and the healing powers of Nature. The course of the route includes the following few stops: Department of Historic Plants, Department of Ornamental Plants (Anthonas), and Department of Pharmaceutical Plants.

C. Physical wellness activity: In the Department of Ornamental Plants (Anthonas), visitors will be able to participate in a program of physical wellness, which includes mild physical exercises of stimulation and mental uplifting, without the use of music.

D. Program Completion: The program is completed at the Botanical Garden’s refreshment area, where participants can enjoy various kinds of beverages and exchange views from their experience in the J. & A. Diomedes Botanical Garden.