Nikoleta Xydea

Archaeologist – Museologist M.A.

Nikoleta Xydea was born in Athens and studied Archaeology at the University of Ioannina. Shespecialized in Museum Studies post-graduate at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and graduated with the degree of Excellence.

She has worked in archaeological excavations of the Greek Ministry of Culture. From 2009 to 2013 she worked at the National Archaeological Museum, Athens in the Department of Public Relations, Exhibitions and Educational Programs, as the designer and developer of the educational programs and writer of the educational booklets for the Museum’s Temporary Exhibitions. At the same time she designed and interpretedprograms for various groups of visitors.

In 2010 she collaborated with the University of Athens in designing the Museum Educational Kitand the writing of an educational booklet for the Touring Exhibition “Myrtis: Face to Face With The Past”. Moreover, she collaborated withthe Cultural Department of Alpha Bank, in the field of designing educational exhibitions, programs and writing of educational booklets.

In 2015-2016 she collaborated with the Herakleidon Art Museum, where she designed and implemented a new educational unit for Primary Education students, as well as educational programs for international festivals.At the same time, she designed and edited the Museum’s Temporary Exhibition “Voyage. Seafaring and Shipbuilding in Greece from antiquity to modern times”, for which she wrote the homonymous multi-page catalog.

She has taught Ancient and Modern Greek languages to Secondary Education students within the framework of the ‘Additional Teaching Support’ program of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

Since 2016 she is the Head of the Cultural and Educational Programs Department of Oceanis Filyra.

Last, she has participated in announcements, as a conference speaker at the ICOM-CECA Hellenic National Committee’s meetings as well as in seminars on museum education for teachers of Primary and Secondary Education, and in conferences of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Her scientific interests are thecontemporary developments in the field of museology, museum education and archaeology.

Panoraia Ant. Kalobratsos

Historian – Paleographer M.A.

Panoraia Ant. Kalobratsos was born in Athens, in 1980. She studied History at the Ionian University, and received a postgraduate diploma with a grade point ‘Excellent’ in the ‘Methodology of Criticism and Publication of Historical Sources’ directed towards Modern and Contemporary History. Due to her performance she received a scholarship, which she retained for the intended three semesters.

She is Ph.D. candidate at the Ionian University preparing a doctoral thesis on:«Constantine –KaisariosDapontes:His life and Work» (1713 – 1784).

She worked as a historian at the Academy of Athens and participated in a project of the Reaserch Center for the History of Greek Law. At the same time, she participated as a historical researcher in the program of the Ionian University: ‘Women and marriage in Corfu: Economic activities and social reproduction (17th-19th century)’, as well as in the research program of the University of Ioannina: ‘The common cultural heritage of noble houses in Epirus and Southern Albania ‘.

Moreover she has taught History, Ancient and Modern Greek languages to Secondary Education students within the framework of the ‘Additional Teaching Support’ program of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and has worked in Tuition Centers for Secondary Education. She has also published scientific studies and has participated in announcements at conferences.

Since November 2016 she has been working as a Historian at the Department of Culture and Educational Programs of Oceanis Filyra. She specializes in conducting historical research as well as designing and implementing educational programs.